The Wings to Awakening

Translated and explained by Ven. Thanissaro, Bhikkhu (Geoffrey DeGraff)

[The Buddha:] So this is what you think of me: "The Blessed One, sympathetic, seeking our well-being, teaches the Dhamma out of sympathy." Then you should train yourselves - harmoniously, cordially, and without dispute - in the qualities I have pointed out, having known them directly: the four frames of reference, the four right exertions, the four bases of power, the five faculties, the five strengths, the seven factors of Awakening, the noble eightfold path. Majjhima Nikaya 103


A. Skillfulness
B. Kamma and the Ending of Kamma

A. The Treasures of the Teaching
B. The Four Frames of Reference
C. The Four Right Exertions
D. The Four Bases of Power
E. The Five Faculties
F. The Five Strengths
G. The Seven Factors of Awakening
H. The Noble Eightfold Path

A. Conviction
B. Persistence
C. Mindfulness
D. Concentration: Abandoning the Hindrances
E. Right Concentration
F. Concentration and Discernment
G. Equanimity in Concentration and Discernment
H. Discernment: Right View
iThe Four Noble Truths
ii. The First Truth
iii.The Second and Third Truths
iv.The Fourth Truth

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