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DIRECT LINK »» Buddhist History and Culture: An overview of Buddhist History and Culture

Schools and Lineages - Explanation of the Schools and Lineages of Buddhism.
Geographical Spread of Buddhism - Chart showing the spread of Buddhism in Asia.
Timelines of Buddhist History - Chronological events in the evolution of Buddhism.
  Buddhist History Theravada Buddhism Tibetan Buddhism Chinese Buddhism Japanese Buddhism Sri Lankan Buddhism
Profiles of Historical Figures - Brief biographical details of major Buddhist figures - historical and contemporary.
  Contemporaries of the Buddha / Historical Figures Theravada / Scholars and Teachers Mahayana / Philosophers / Pure Land Figures Tibetan / Founders of Lineages / Contemporary Sangha Zen/Ch'an - Ancient and Modern Masters.
Early Disciples of the Buddha - Pen Portraits of Some of the Eminent Disciples of the Buddha (Adult and Student versions).
Buddhism and Women - Questions & Answers on Women in Buddhism; The Buddha and Women; Eminent Women Disciples.
Deities and Bodhisattvas - Popular Chinese Deities / Bodhisattvas / Avalokiteshvara / Lohans, Arhats / Maitreya.
Buddhist Art & Architecture -  Korean, Thai, Tibetan, Temples, Stupas, Images, Mudras, Mandalas, Tangkas, etc.
Major Buddhist Sites - Information on the significant historical and pilgrimage sites, including the Four Holy Sites.
Scriptures -The Tripitaka [Sanskrit], Tipitaka [Pali], the three baskets of Teachings, is the Canon of the Buddhists, both Theravada and Mahayana traditions.
Buddhist Glossary - A glossary of Buddhist technical terms and 'Dharma Data', a Buddhist dictionary.
FAQs on Buddhist Culture - Some Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) on Buddhist culture.
Festivals & Ceremonies - Buddhist devotional practices; listing of festivals and special events. Personal Ceremonies: Marriage & Funeral Rites.
e-learning/history/devotion/index.htm The Devotional Service - A Buddhist Devotional Service: setting up a shrine, bowing - with devotional text.
Buddhist Iconography - Eight Auspicious Symbols Vajras (thunder bolt) Ritual Bells Beads (rosary) Symbolic Gestures (mudras) Seed-syllable (Om Mani Pamde Hum) Wheels (dharmacaka) Prayer wheel Lotus Ritual Mandalas Footprints of the Buddha (buddhapada) Stupas Thangkas Buddhist Flag.
Statistics - Overall numbers of adherents and statistics of adherents in the major branches of Buddhism.
Selected Book List - A reading list to facilitate study in particular areas of Buddhist history.

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