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Women in Buddhism: Questions & Answers

Were there any enlightened bhikkhunis?

The Tripitaka mentions 500 and more. There were 13 who were singled out and received praise from the Buddha with their different distinctions:

1. Maha Pajapati was praised for her long standing as the first bhikkhuni

2. Khema Theri, former queen of King Bimbisara was praised for her wisdom

3. Upalavanna Theri was praised for her achievement in performing miracles

4. Patacara Theri was praised for her good memory on the Vinaya

5. Dhammadinna Theri was praised for being capable in teaching

6. Nanda Theri was praised for meditation

7. Sona Theri was praised for her patience

8. Sakula Theri was praised for having divine sights

9. Kundalakesi Theri was praised for achieving sudden enlightenment

10. Bhadda Kapilani was praised for remembering past lives

11. Bhadda Kaccana (Princess Yasodhara) was praised for her Great Abhinna

12. Kisa Gotami was praised for wearing coarse robes

13. Sigalamata was praised for holding fast to faith.

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