Brahmavihara Dhamma


67. What is meant by Karunâ
68. The Bodhisatta's Karunâ
69. Buddha's great compassion
70. Person towards whom Karunâ should be developed first
71. Karunâ according to the phrase "Sabbe Sattâ Dukkha Mucantu"
72. Manner of developing 132 kinds of Karunâ
73. How knowledge of Mahakarunasamapatti occurs
74. Constant worry is pitiable
75. It is pitiable to be carried away by old age, sickness and death
76. Karunâ that had once occurred when I was a novice monk
77. It is pitiable for not having anything to depend upon
78. Buddha could only teach and point the way
79. To abandon everything is pitiable
80. Story of King Siridhammâsoka
81. Being a slave to Tanhâ is indeed pitiable

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