Brahmavihara Dhamma


34. Mettâ is the way to enhance Dâna or generosity
35. Preliminary Gatha (Verse) of the Mettâ Sutta
36. The Deities terrify the five hundred Bhikkhus
37. The Buddha taught the Mettâ Sutta to deter the deities
38. Recitation is not enough, one also needs to practise
39. The Mettâ Sutta Paritta
40. Ordinary way of developing Mettâ
41. How to develop Mettâ by dividing it into two or three parts
42. Manner of developing Mettâ by separating into two parts
43. Manner of developing Mettâ separating into three distinct parts
44. Three methods of developing Mettâ by again distinguishing into two parts
45. Manner of developing Mettâ so as to be free from unmerited misery
46. How genuine Mettâ should be developed - an illustration
47. How to develop Mettâ broadly without limit
48. Time and posture prescribed for developing Mettâ
49. Living in the exercise of four noble postures, called Vihâra
50. Appamañña and Brahmacora
51. Practise to escape the rounds of Rebirth
52. Manner of practising to get Attaditthi rejected
53. The Practise to be liberated from entering into a womb

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