Brahavihara Dhamma


2. Prelude to the Dhamma
3. Making preparatory arrangements
4. Sitting posture with legs crossed
5. Meditating by taking up all four postures
6. Weighing up the pros and cons
7. The fault of anger
8. Beneficial fruits of patience
9. The manner of developing Mettâ
10. How to develop the 528 kinds of Mettâ
11. The manner of developing Mettâ, by Ashin Subuti
12. Dhananjhâni and Mettâ-jhâna
13. The Eleven advantages of Mettâ
14. The story of Visâkha Theri
15. The story of Uttarâ
16. Developing Mettâ and Vipassanâ in combination

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